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Three Keys to Success

The first is simple: Know your audience.
Audiences differ from one another more than you may think. A message for management or employees is certain to be different than one for customers. The message for a donor is likely different than one for the general public. We work hard to understand your goals and the mindset of your audience before we recommend a strategy or a creative approach, because that understanding is where communications success begins.

The second key: Understand and exploit the explosion of communications technologies.
We can help you navigate the new communications choices and show you how to harness them to strengthen your message for added value, rather than allowing a scattershot approach to dilute it.

The third key: Get the best mileage possible.
What if a piece of your project can solve a problem down the hall or down the line? Start with a program for customers. Modify it for employees. Repackage it for investors. Spin it off as a news story. We'll work with you to design a program that will meet the full range of your communications needs.

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